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Dear Customers

What will change for you from 2019?

  • From 01.01.2019 is operated by Buonocore & Buonocore GBR based in Munich.
  • All customer data and orders received by 31.12.2018 will be deleted. You can request your old invoices and customer data from Luciano Fuerteventura S.L. at any time by telephone or email at
  • The old shop system is switched off and replaced by this new and more customer-friendly system.
  • All orders received by 31.12.2018 will of course be processed in full.
  • You must create a new customer account in this shop for new orders from 01.01.2019.
  • Bank transfer to a German bank account (EU with IBAN and BIC).
  • Payments with credit card via a new PayPal account (

What will remain for you from 2019?

  • You also have the possibility to order the whole range of La Aloe Vera Fresca di Fuerteventura at manufacturer prices.
  • Of course, you will continue to receive the highest quality products, as well as fast and professional processing of your orders.
  • Mrs Stefanie Buonocore and her team will be happy to answer your questions about our products or your order by email (...).
  • Matthias Bock and his team will continue to be responsible for storage, packaging and dispatch.